Other ways of giving

There are lots of ways you can raise money for Education Support Partnership, whether it's taking part in an organised sporting event, to holding your own event. We have got lots of ideas to help you get inspired.

If you’d prefer to donate another way, please call us on 020 7697 2750, email us at fundraising@edsupport.org.uk or write to us here.

Leave a legacy

Teacher helping a student

Leaving a legacy to us secures the vital support that everyone working in education needs sometimes to survive the demands of this uniquely challenging job.

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Pension giving

A regular gift through your pension is a wonderful way to support us. Last year we received 35% of our income from the generosity of retired teachers and lecturers.

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Fundraise for us

Cupcake cases for bake sales

There are lots of ways you can raise money from taking part in an organised sporting event, to organising your own tea-party or open garden.

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How your money helps

Your donations help make sure those in crisis have somewhere to turn at any hour of the day or night. On occasion it can even be the difference between life and death. Take a look at these case studies to see the incredible difference your donation can make.

Paul's story

Helpline kept me in teaching

Paul, 29, a new secondary teacher, was feeling overwhelmed with the job, thought himself a failure and considered switching careers. Then he rang our helpline and with our guidance found a way to stay in teaching and enjoy it again. 

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Elizabeth's story

SEN teacher stress and workload

When Elizabeth, 56, a special needs teaching assistant in Staffordshire was at her wits’ end with her husband and daughter seriously ill and an extra workload at school she had no hesitation calling our helpline. We helped her manage her stress and find her own coping strategy.

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Amanda's story

Primary school teacher feeling unsupported by headteacher

Primary teacher Amanda (not their real name), felt that her headteacher was ‘gunning for her’, with constant pressure and negative feedback. Nothing was ever right. But when she started to sit in on her classes Amanda couldn’t take any more and was signed off sick with anxiety and depression. With our support she managed to get back to school, take on a new role and manage her anxiety. 

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Tanya's story

Grant for teachings housing

Primary school teachers, Tanya and her husband Michael fell into severe financial difficulty and had to sell their house very quickly at a massive loss. They moved into rented accommodation with their three children but soon after were given just eight weeks’ notice to move. They had no money for a deposit on another home. Find out how we helped. 

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