The UK's only charity providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations.

In September 2015 Teacher Support Network, Recourse and Worklife Support, merged to create Education Support Partnership. We believe everyone working in education deserves to feel at their best.

The Boonnak Family

Teacher Julia and lunchtime supervisor Teerasak, needed financial help to adapt their home for their severely disabled 6-year-old son, Finnan. We were glad to help.

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How to discuss the news with your students

Last week in London, we had a heavy reminder that the world has become an increasingly uncertain place. Here are some practical techniques for discussing current events with your students.

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Taking time out might actually save you time..

Staff wellbeing expert, Sue Hugo, explains why and how taking time out can help you to concentrate on and balance your workload better than ever.

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25th April 2017

We are hosting a free breakfast event for school leaders to hear about how priortising staff wellbeing can support staff retention at your school. 

28th April 2017

We are excited to attend the NAHT conference on the 28th to the 30th April in Telford, Birmingham. 

5th May 2017

We are excited to be attending the Thames Valley conference and exhibtion to talk with attendees and present on 'Mangaging my own resilience as a School Business Manager'. 

23rd May 2017

We are excited to be sharing our expertise with the headteachers of Felpham and Bognor on 'Managing my own resilience so everyone benefits' 

27th May 2017

UCU's Annual Congress will be taking place in Brighton on Saturday 27th of May to Monday 30th May. 

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Tips for effective communication

Good communication can go a long way to resolving many conflicts and causes of stress and anxiety. Our CEO, Julian Stanley, offers his advice.

Knowing when to say no

Many people are uncomfortable saying no because they do not want to disappoint others, have had negative experiences saying no in the past or don't want to be viewed as uncooperative.

Grappling with work-life balance

Learn how to find that ever-elusive sweet spot of a work-life balance.

Handling stress guide

In our latest Health Survey, 77% of education staff said they had suffered from stress. In response we have put together these practical techniques to help you handle stress. 

Relationships at work

Our comprehensive guide will help you build positive relationships at work, identify different types of relationships and suggest ways of managing challenging conversations.

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