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The UK's only charity providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations.

Marathon running for teachers in crisis

We're very grateful to Katy O'Connor, Headteacher of Lessness Heath Primary School. She is running the London Marathon to raise money to help ensure her fellow teachers and education staff can get support when they need it.

Knowing when to say no

Many people are uncomfortable saying no because they do not want to disappoint others or don't want to be viewed as uncooperative. This can especially be the case for dedicated education professionals.

How to cope with observation anxiety

We asked teachers for their advice on coping with classroom observations and what their school does to make them a less stressful experience.

Top resources

Take our short stress test to find out what kinds of stress and wellbeing issues may be affecting you.

This guide provides advice and information on how to effectively manage classroom behaviour. 

An overwhelming majority of the UK’s education professionals say they have suffered physical and mental health issues as a result of their jobs according to our latest annual Health Survey.

Our factsheet outlines some key ways to promote staff wellbeing in an education environment. 

Effectively managing time and high workloads is a challenge for all those working in education. Whatever your role here are some useful techniques to help.

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