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Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar

2nd March 2017

Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar: Initial Teacher Education in England - implementing the core content framework and the future of Qualified Teacher Status.

ASCL Annual Conference

10th March 2017

On the 10th and 11th of March we will be at ASCL Annual Conference - Next Generation Leadership. 

Top resources

Managing pupil behaviour

This guide provides advice and information on how to effectively manage classroom behaviour. 

Knowing when to say no

Many people are uncomfortable saying no because they do not want to disappoint others, have had negative experiences saying no in the past or don't want to be viewed as uncooperative.

Grappling with work-life balance

Learn how to find that ever-elusive sweet spot of a work-life balance.

Handling stress guide

In our latest Health Survey, 77% of education staff said they had suffered from stress. In response we have put together these practical techniques to help you handle stress. 

Relationships at work

Our comprehensive guide will help you build positive relationships at work, identify different types of relationships and suggest ways of managing challenging conversations.

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