The UK's only charity providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations.

In September 2015 Teacher Support Network, Recourse and Worklife Support, merged to create Education Support Partnership. We believe everyone working in education deserves to feel at their best.

How housing crisis is affecting teachers

Current education policy may make you want to take flight like the husband and wife headteachers who resigned recently. There is a lot we can do to help you stay and fight if you feel caught in that struggle between career and conscience.Many of us are aw

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Developing great school leaders

Headspace and Yourspace are confidential, personal and professional development programmes to help develop your performance as headteachers, deputies and senior leaders.

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Handling money difficulties as a supply teacher

Money difficulties are one of the most common problems that supply teachers face. Here is some advice to help you manage your money in advance of the long school holiday.

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27th June 2017

We are looking forward to sharing our work with the 'Investing in your workforce' conference hosted by the East Midlands Teaching School Alliance. 

28th June 2017

Join Barbi Goulding-Parr to find out more about 'Transforming staff wellbeing in schools and supporting individual resilience.' 

4th November 2017

We are looking forward to meeting NASUWT members at their regional conference to share information on staff wellbeing.  

Top resources

Managing pupil behaviour

This guide provides advice and information on how to effectively manage classroom behaviour. 

Knowing when to say no

Many people are uncomfortable saying no because they do not want to disappoint others, have had negative experiences saying no in the past or don't want to be viewed as uncooperative.

Handling stress guide

In our latest Health Survey, 77% of education staff said they had suffered from stress. In response we have put together these practical techniques to help you handle stress. 

Career progression in education

Whether you are thinking abeut progressing your teaching career or changing focus to a non-teaching position in the education sector, the information below gives some tips on how to move through the career ladder.

Relationships at work

Our comprehensive guide will help you build positive relationships at work, identify different types of relationships and suggest ways of managing challenging conversations.

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