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Teachers' housing crisis: how our grants can help

Housing crisis affecting teachers
15th November 2017

The UK is in the midst of a housing crisis that is affecting too many people, regardless of profession, class or background. Our Grants Caseworker Carl tells us more about the issues we’re seeing and how we’re able to help those in need, thanks to your support. 

Housing: a helping hand

Terraced housing
14th November 2017

The impact of stagnating salaries and rising housing costs is becoming clear for many in the teaching profession. Our CEO Julian Stanley looks at what help is out there.

Spotting the signs of stress

Signs of stress teachers
8th November 2017

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. But when does this stress become unhealthy? We asked the clinical team at our helpline for their expert advice on the signs to look out for when our physical and emotional wellbeing is under threat.

Fundraising for teachers like me!

Fundraising for teacher wellbeing
5th September 2017

Matthew Sylvester, a teacher from the York and Scunthorpe area, is taking on a number of amazing challenges to raise money for us after seeing first-hand the support offered to teachers like him when they need someone most.

Finding your first job in teaching

31st August 2017

Every year, thousands of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) enter the job market for the first time.We know this is an exciting but challenging time. Here are our tips to securing that all-important first role.


Words of wisdom for NQTs

Words of encouragement for NQTs
31st August 2017

Retired teachers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to the younger generation. We have collected together some of their words of encouragement for NQTs starting this September.