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Your support will help more education workers in crisis

Every day, we receive heart-breaking grant applications from people in education who’ve been thrown into crisis. It may be the result of a marriage breakdown, a sudden bereavement or a job loss. In Sasha’s case, it was the shock of a cancer diagnosis that left her unable to work and pay essential bills.

“Last year, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with breast cancer… I had no choice but to stop work and was left struggling to survive on an extremely low income...When I heard my grant from Ed Support had come through it took a massive weight off my mind.  I was so happy knowing there was someone there with the financial support to help me through my diagnosis.”

We rely completely on charitable donations like yours to provide this vital service. With the gift you send today, we could provide more grants to help people in education. We provide grants for essential costs, from rental arrears to travel costs.

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