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Recruitment and retention research

UK education is facing a crisis that we truly believe we can help solve, but we need your support.

Our research has discovered that over a third of the school, FE and HE profession expect to leave by 2020. Whilst some will be retiring, many others are set to leave for negative reasons at a time when student numbers are increasing and recruiters are struggling to find trainees. To give you a feel for the scale of this challenge, unless more staff can be supported to stay, the UK will need to recruit 200 teachers every single day just to keep staffing levels the same.

Hear some of the stories of those who've been affected:

Together, we can support more staff to stay in education and make joining the profession more appealing in the process. Here's how:

1. Tell us what is happening where you work so staff are #NotQuittingTeaching. Use that hashtag on twitter or facebook to tell us and others what your workplace is doing to try and cure the recruitment and retention crisis, and we'll put your examples in a best practice guide for the sector. For example, maybe your colleagues have developed a staff wellbeing policy, or maybe managers and mentors have received training to support staff. We'll give recognition on our site and at events across the country to actions that you share with us which are helping to ensure that education staff are #NotQuittingTeaching. 

2. Take part in our survey as well to share even more information about your views and ideas. 

3. If you are a leader in your organisation and are proud of what you do to recruit and retain staff, our Chief Executive would like to interview you for a future feature. Please contact us for more information.

4. Order free promotional materials for our services. We're not pretending that we can solve this crisis alone, but some staff like Emma can be supported to stay if they are aware of our helpline and other support services.

5. To help ensure that more dedicated staff like Emma are #NotQuittingTeaching, please read her story and donate whatever you can spare.

Video showing highlights of our Recruitment and Retention Parliamentary event