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Market research

When the charity group was still separate under three different names - Teacher Support Network, Recourse and Worklife Support - an independent piece of research was commissioned to measure the demand and supply of wellbeing support services, as well as levels of awareness of the Group’s services in the education sector. The results, some which can be revealed here, informed improvements to the charities’ work, such as the decision to join forces as Education Support Partnership.

More than 1,000 training, serving and retired professionals, as well as some of their dependents, were surveyed via phone interviews and online consultations.  This in-depth representative study gave us a unique insight into the needs of the people we strive to serve.

Some of the key findings were as follows:

  • People were highly satisfied with our services, but they also wanted other forms of support. We have since developed these new services

  • Almost two thirds of the people we aimed to serve hadn’t even heard of us. 26% and 11% were aware of Teacher Support Network and Recourse’s services respectively. This was a key reason why we decided to join different parts of the charity group together under a new, more effective name and brand

  • Nearly 60% of the sector was willing to volunteer for us. We have since improved information about volunteering on our website

  • 31% said they would donate as a one-off or via Direct Debit, and 22% said they would organise fundraising events. We have now tailored our online donation facilities and fundraising materials