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Online tools

Stones on a beach

See how your work-life balance stands at the moment and get tips on how to keep things under control.

Wall of wellbeing online tool

Life's about balance.... find out how you fare with this interactive tool. 

Spotting the signs of stress teachers

Take our short stress test to find out what kinds of stress and wellbeing issues may be affecting you.

Benefits calculator

Find out information on income-related benefits, tax credits, Council Tax Reduction, Carer’s Allowance, Universal Credit and how your benefits will be affected if you start work or change your working hours.

Debt tes

If you are struggling with debt issues, this free test from the Money Advice Service could help you start to get your finances back on track. 


This free Budget Planner from the Money Advice Service puts you in control of your household spending and analyses your results to help you take control of your money.