Life Guides

Life Guides

These guides have been specifically written for you to help keep you and your team at your best.

Behaviour Guide

This life guide gives handy information, advice and tips to manage classroom behaviour

Coping with Allegations

We review the impact of allegations on staff health and wellbeing, how stress factors can be mitigated and provide advice on what support is available

Grappling with Work-Life Balance

Learn how to find that ever-elusive sweet spot of a work-life balance

Handling Stress

Learn how to spot the signs of stress, build stress prevention and deal with the outcomes - for staff and managers

Head Teacher's Toolkit

We investigate what makes a good head teacher, the four stages of headship and provide insights for effective time management

Looking after Teacher Wellbeing

Tips on how to evaluate and measure teacher wellbeing, and advice for the next steps to take

Managing Disagreements at School

We consider the types of disagreements in the workplace, what causes them and how conflict can be resolved

Managing Your Time

Get expert advice on how to manage your time from the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO-UK)

Relationships at Work

Provides an insight into how to manage the different relationships at work, the importance of active listening and advice on resolving conflict

Securing your First Job in Teaching

Getting that first position can be daunting for newly qualified teachers. Here are our top tips

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