Workplace Snapshot Survey

Take the temperature of your organisation with our specially developed in-depth anonymous survey. You’ll be surprised what you discover. 

If you’re striving to create the best possible work environment, a great place to start is our Workplace Snapshot Survey. Conducted online and in complete confidence, the survey helps your team reflect on key factors affecting good working relationships, effectiveness and absence rates.   




How Does the Survey Work? 

Current research

1). Education Support Partnership Health Survey 2014

An overwhelming majority of the education workforce experienced a common mental health condition during 2012-14.

  • 88% said they suffered from stress, 72% anxiety and 45% had depression
  • 60% said their work performance suffered and 70% said they lost confidence as a result
  • This led to 27% taking time off work while 13% quit their job


Future research titles

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An 'experience exodus' looms as a third of all teachers plan to leave in the next five years

Date Wed, 15/07/2015 


New research commissioned by the Teacher Support Network, a not for profit dedicated to school teachers and all staff in FE and HE, is warning of what the charity is calling an ‘experience exodus’ in the education sector, as 34% of all teachers plan to leave the profession in 1- 5 years’ time, 54% of whom will do so to retire. 

Nine in ten teachers say school inspections do not improve student results

Teacher in a classroom

Mon, 08/12/2014 - 00:01 

More than 90% of teachers in England say school inspections have a neutral or negative impact on student results, according to a survey for Teacher Support Network. 

Although regulators aim to promote improvement in schools, the survey, conducted by education market research company VoicED, revealed that just 8% of school staff felt inspections helped improve student outcomes while a similar minority, one in 10, said inspections improved their performance at work. 

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Teacher Wellbeing Manifesto 2017-2022

Our manifesto sets out five policies for the five year Parliamentary term which will significantly improve the wellbeing of teachers and the wider education workforce. 

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