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At retirement we leave the job but keep our memories of our years of dedicated service. We often keep in touch with those still in the profession and check-in to find out how they’re doing. So why not show them your support with a regular gift from your pension to Education Support?

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Give a gift to the future. Leave a legacy.

There comes a point in everyone’s career when you begin to think: what will my legacy be?

Everyone wants to leave a positive mark, and the people and causes you remember in your will are a recognition of all that is important to you.

If teaching is close to your heart, why not support the next generation of people working in education with a gift to Education Support?

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Our confidential grants service is here to help you manage your financial and money worries to get you back on track when you are struggling.

If you are working in or retired from the education sector and are suffering financial problems caused by unemployment, ill health, sudden life events, bereavement or a personal injury we may be able to offer support.

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Three in five education staff are underperforming at work due to mental health problems

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Three in five people working in education say their work performance has suffered as a result of mental health problems, according to our research. 

An overwhelming majority of the education workforce have experienced a common mental health condition in the last two years, following a poll by Education Support Partnership (then Teacher Support Network Group). 

  • 88% said they suffered from stress, 72% anxiety and 45% had depression