New research suggests good leadership is the major contributor to reducing education job strain


Charity launches formal consultation on recruitment and retention

At an event being held tonight in the Houses of Parliament, UK charity Education Support Partnership will launch a new formal consultation process designed to gather insights that will help fix the current recruitment and retention crisis. The consultation, opening tomorrow, will run until later in the academic year when Education Support will publish and submit the associated findings to Government.

Violence against teachers is unacceptable says Education Support Partnership CEO Julian Stanley

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Commenting on ATL research on the level of violence towards teachers, Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership comments:

"Violence against teachers is unacceptable. Staff in other sectors do not go to work fearing or expecting they will be physically or verbally abused & teachers & support staff in schools also have an unassailable right to do their jobs without fear of violence or intimidation."


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At Education Support Partnership, we want to hear your feedback.  If you have something good or bad to say, or think we should be doing something differently or you love what we are doing, then we want to hear from you.

We take all feedback very seriously and will treat it as an opportunity to develop, which is why we are always very grateful to hear from anyone.

Arrange free legal consultation Step 2

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Thank you. Based on your location, we have a legal information service about family matters which can be accessed by phoning 08000 562 561. The advisor will check that you qualify and be able to discuss what extra support you may need.

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Thank you. You live in an area where we can offer you enhanced legal support. This is provided by our specialist family matters partner Dialogue First. They will make available a participating family lawyer for a telephone consultation lasting up to 30-minutes.

The consultation is free of charge, entirely confidential and there is no obligation to use the services of the lawyer you speak with. 

Arrange free legal consultation

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Family matters can shake us to the core. Yet barely half of separating couples seek out any legal support about their situation. This isn’t great since the law has a lot to say about the interests of children and - if you’re married - family finances. So whatever you’re thinking just now, it’s always best to be informed.

To arrange a confidential - and free of charge - legal consultation, please enter the first half of your home postcode below.

Christmas break vital to teacher’s psychological wellbeing, says study

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Christmas holidays play a critical role in preventing teacher burnout and exhaustion, according to a study by academics at City University London.


Whether it is preparing students, organising logistics or tackling exam paperwork, managing time as a teacher can be incredibly challenging. We asked the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) for their advice on how to stay organised.

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This guide provides advice and information on how to effectively manage classroom behaviour. 

Our History

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We have been supporting education staff for over 140 years 

Established some 140 years ago in 1877, we were first known as The Teachers’ Benevolent Fund, designed to provide financial support teachers and their families in difficult circumstances.

By 1927 some of the main reasons people had for contacting the service were; nervous breakdown, housing and consumption. We also offered help to the orphans of teaching staff.