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Comment on Ann Maguire report by Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board

9th November 2016

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership said:

“Ann Maguire’s horrific murder and its impact on her pupils, colleagues, family and friends must never be forgotten.  

“In its conclusion that this tragedy was ‘not predictable’ today’s report reminds us that this was an extremely rare occurrence and that staff demonstrated enormous bravery during and after the attack.

“Today’s report does though make a number of very welcome recommendations with the aim of improving protection and support for school staff and pupils if not already happening. In particular, that schools should emphasise to all children and young people that they can share concerns for another pupil and their welfare with staff and that support for staff and school leaders may be needed for a number of years.

“As the only UK charity supporting everyone working in education, we speak to thousands of teachers every year and know what pressure they are under. We want to see these recommendations put into practice in every school and college if they are not already, as soon as possible. Not only should strong behaviour management strategies be in place but every school and college should strive for a culture where both students and staff feel they can talk openly about any concerns for themselves or others. Good quality support must be in place for this to be possible.

“Community leaders, parents, governors and head teachers must work together to do all they can to minimise the risk of a similar incident happening ever again.”


Notes to editors:

If you have any concerns about student behaviour or mental health please call our free, confidential Helpline available 24/7 on 0800 562 561

Our guide to managing pupil behaviour can be downloaded: behaviour guide

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