Trustees & Advisory Forum | Education Support Partnership

Trustees & Advisory Forum

We take governance very seriously. Our governance structure include a Board of Trustees and Advisory Board. 

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees govern our activities. We have 13 Trustees in place: 

  • Keven Bartle
  • Julie Davis
  • Professor Christopher Day 
  • Darren Franklin
  • Harry James
  • Dr Jean Kelly
  • Dr Jeremy Reynolds (Chair)
  • Rod Ruffle
  • Professor Edward Sallis 
  • Lynne Tweed
  • Gwendolyn Williams

The Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis to review and agree strategy. Written reports from each department are submitted prior to the meetings and the Chief Executive and Leadership Team frequently present on particular areas of interest. This ensures that all Trustees are kept fully updated on our work.

The Board of Trustees make all top-level decisions and delegate responsibility for the operational management and leadership of the charity to the Chief Executive supported by the leadership team. Financial procedures set the financial limits for decision making at varying and appropriate levels from Board level downwards. Trustees are heavily involved in strategic business planning with the annual Business Plan requiring Board approval. In addition to this the Board of Trustees organises itself into committees in order to explore particular areas in more depth and report back to the Board as a whole.

Advisory Forum

Our governance structure includes an Advisory Forum. The forum is not a decision making body but as the name suggests provides valuable insights and advice, meeting approximately 3 times a year. 

Our forum members:

  • share expertise, learning and connections with each other and with Education Support Partnership
  • influence and help inform at policy level
  • advise on the delivery of services to help colleagues who need support
  • help raise awareness of the work we do
  • help fundraise so we can continue delivering services to those in need of support