Violence against teachers is unacceptable says Education Support Partnership CEO Julian Stanley

29th January 2016

Commenting on ATL research on the level of violence towards teachers, Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership comments:

"Violence against teachers is unacceptable. Staff in other sectors do not go to work fearing or expecting they will be physically or verbally abused & teachers & support staff in schools also have an unassailable right to do their jobs without fear of violence or intimidation.

School governors, leaders, staff must work with parents to establish a culture that ensures strong and clear behaviour policies not only exist, but are fully understood, discussed and are implemented.

At a time when attracting and retaining teachers is more challenging than ever before, it is important that teachers are valued and respected so they can do their jobs without fear of intimidation or violence.

Education Support Partnership advocates that schools are encouraged not only to publish their behaviour policies annually, but to devote time to engaging parents and pupils in establishing appropriate and acceptable behaviours both at home and in school. Teaching about the impact and damaging consequences of violence is essential. 

Staff also need support and ongoing professional development, so they are fully prepared and equipped to manage all levels of behavioural issues within school. "