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Workplace Snapshot Survey

Take the temperature of your organisation with our specially developed in-depth anonymous survey. You’ll be surprised what you discover. 

If you’re striving to create the best possible work environment, a great place to start is our Workplace Snapshot Survey. Conducted online and in complete confidence, the survey helps your team reflect on key factors affecting good working relationships, effectiveness and absence rates.   




How Does the Survey Work? 

All members of staff complete a confidential online survey that measures their views on what it’s like to work in your organisation.  


We analyse the data into common themes to help you see where your organisation’s strengths are and what needs improvement. We’ll also support your management team in creating a Positive Workplace Plan.  


The results can also be used to compare your organisation with others in your sector to see how you’re doing. 


Why Work With Us? 

  • We can tailor our survey or even create your own bespoke version 

  • We’ve surveyed over 4,000 educational organisations 

  • Our survey response data covers more than 200,000 employees 

  • We can provide benchmark data across standard themes and questions 

  • We can offer aggregated data for an academy chain or Local Authority (for both the individual and umbrella organisation)  


The Benefits to Your Organisation 

  • Increased effectiveness and performance  

  • Reduced levels of sickness absence (and the costs that go with it) 

  • More engaged staff, improved morale and better working relationships  

  • Improved staff retention and lower recruitment costs 

  • A great way to meet your duty of care and spot problems as they develop 

  • Improved student outcomes (the result of happier staff)  

  • A simple and fully-supported process 


"I feel really appreciated now. It’s my workplace and I love being here." 

Shelley Corrigan, Teaching Assistant, St Gabriel's Primary Westminster