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Current research

1). Education Support Partnership Health Survey 2014

An overwhelming majority of the education workforce experienced a common mental health condition during 2012-14.

  • 88% said they suffered from stress, 72% anxiety and 45% had depression
  • 60% said their work performance suffered and 70% said they lost confidence as a result
  • This led to 27% taking time off work while 13% quit their job


A June 2015 poll commissioned by Education Support Partnership revealed that schools are set to suffer an ‘experience exodus’ by 2020 and beyond. In the 794 strong representative sample of teachers polled online by YouGov, 34% said they expect to leave in the next 1-5 years. A further 22% said they expect to leave teaching in 6-20 years.

3). Inspection Survey Results

This poll of 804 individuals working in schools in England, carried out for Education Support Partnership (formerly) by the VoicED education market research panel during November-December 2014, has given a damning judgment on inspections. 

Top Points

79% of respondents said inspections impacted negatively on their wellbeing

Overall, only 10% said inspections had impacted positively on their performance at work

More than 90% said inspections had a neutral or negative effect on students’ results

72% favour adding staff wellbeing to inspection framework