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Born to teach. Ready to quit.

Emma’s a gifted teacher. But stress is crushing her spirit. Help us keep her talents in teaching.

My name’s Amy and I’m a Helpline Counsellor here at Education Support Partnership – the new name for Teacher Support Network, Recourse and Worklife Support who have come together to help even more people working in education feel at their best.

As I’m sure you’d agree, teaching’s not a job; it’s a calling. We do it because we love passing on our thirst for knowledge and watching children and young people discover their passion. But high workloads and stress are forcing gifted professionals to abandon careers they were born to do. It’s probably happened to people you know yourself.

Scores of teachers and lecturers are already leaving the profession every year, overwhelmed by workload and stress. A recent survey revealed that over a third of all education staff are planning to leave in the next five years. That’s why the Education Support Partnership helpline is so vital, offering 24/7 counselling and support to teachers and lecturers who often have nowhere else to turn.

But calls have jumped by 29% in the last year alone. 

Let me tell you the story of Emma – whose identity I’ve changed for privacy – an NQT who we recently helped. After a traumatic first year in a London primary school, Emma moved to Leeds teaching Year 5 children in a very challenging school.

“Going in every day was hard,” she says. “You couldn’t turn your back on the kids as you didn’t know what they would do to each other.”

Our helpline supports gifted people to stay in teaching

That was when Emma contacted us. “I thought ‘Is it really like this all the time?’” she says. “I was looking for someone to talk to so I didn’t feel alone.” With her health on the line, Emma was about to leave teaching. I hope you’ll agree that would have been a tragic waste and a huge loss to her future students.

After talking things through with one of our team, I’m delighted to tell you that Emma found a way to stay in teaching. But Emma is just one of thousands of passionate, dedicated teachers who we desperately need to keep in the profession they love.

Last year we took more calls than ever – an increase of 29%

Emma puts it best in her own words, “No-one should have to go through what I went through. Young teachers need to be nurtured; you can’t expect them to do everything. We need them to keep the passion to teach and to ensure they have quality of life and good mental health.” All of us here at Education Support Partnership wholeheartedly agree. 

So please, give whatever you can, and help us stop talented people like Emma quitting the profession.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can spare.

Please give now so we can answer another call to our helpline. It’s open 24/7 for everyone working in education who needs it.

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