Help your team feel at their best

Working in education is demanding so we’ve designed a set of services to help you check how your teams are coping, troubleshoot problems and boost everyone’s wellbeing.

Email Support

If you don’t want to chat on the phone our counsellors are also available by email to talk about anything you’re going through. 

How are you doing? Try a quick test

Want to check your stress levels, your emotional wellbeing or your work-life balance? These quick tests will provide plenty of food for thought.

Info Space/ Wellbeing Space

From financial advice to parenting tips or staying fit, our advice centre has it covered. And don’t miss our monthly webinars.

Support Space

Whether you’re in crisis, want a bit of coaching, or just want to talk something through, call now and speak to one of our BACP accredited counsellors. They’re ready to help.


Headspace and Yourspace are our confidential, personal and professional development group programmes specifically designed for headteachers and deputy heads. 

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Employee Assistance Programme

Offering 24/7 advice, support and counselling for everyone in your team.

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Positive Workplace Programme

Addressing the results of our Positive Workplace Survey with tailored strategies and training.

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Positive Workplace Survey

Identifying and analysing staff issues using an anonymous online survey.

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Professional Development

Helping you and your team work smarter across every area

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Positive Workplace Award

Recognising commitment to a positive workplace where everyone can thrive

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Occupational Health

Managing staff health and reducing absences with compassion and expertise

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