Staff engagement & wellbeing

We offer two services specifically designed to improve your organisation’s work culture and boost staff morale:

Positive Workplace Survey

Our Positive Workplace Survey is a sector specific tool designed to identify what your staff value about their work, as well as any underlying issues that can get in the way of effective performance.

"I tried Positive Workplace Survey out before asking the rest of the staff and it was very easy and effortless."
Headteacher, Suffolk

What are the benefits?

By ‘taking the temperature’ and learning about the specific needs of your staff, you are best placed to make sure that your workplace culture is positive.This helps retain staff and keeps them engaged and excited to be a part of your team.

Key benefits include:

  • unearthing of underlying issues of concern from your staff
  • increased staff retention
  • improved morale and working relationships
  • improved change management
  • increased productivity and performance
  • develops a problem-solving culture
  • increased effectiveness and performance
  • reduced levels of sickness absence (and the costs that go with it)
  • benchmark your data against aggregated data from our national database of schools or organisations
  • meets your duty of care and spot problems as they develop
  • improved student outcomes (the result of happier staff) 

How does it work?

All members of staff complete a confidential online survey that comprehensively measures their views on what it’s like to work in your organisation.

We analyse the data into common themes to help you see where your organisation’s strengths are and what needs improvement. Along with your data, we send you a guide on how to best understand your data outcomes and advice on how to share the outcomes with your staff. We can also arrange for one of our expert consultants to come and deliver the results at your school as an add-on to your Survey.

You have the option to add bespoke elements to your survey, so whether you have recently had a restructure, have just become an academy, or you would like to find out what a certain section of your staff thinks, we can accommodate your needs.

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Our pricing is based on the number of staff involved and on the package of feedback and support you need. To discuss the Positive Workplace Survey in more detail and get a quote please:

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Positive Workplace Programme

Our Positive Workplace Programme will help you to make sure that your staff are well looked after, feeling listened to, and motivated in their roles.

Following on from the Positive Workplace Survey, the programme creates a tailored plan for your organisation. One of our specialist consultants will work intensively alongside you over a two year period to ensure that your aims are being met.

"Schools taking part in the Well-Being Programme experienced less than half the staff-turnover rate experienced by schools not participating in the programme."
London Local Authority

What are the benefits?

We can help your organisation be much more effective by:

  • enhancing recruitment and retention by creating a structured approach
  • minimising staff absences due to stress or anxiety
  • clarifying your culture’s unique strengths so you can build on them
  • improving the way change is managed
  • enabling individuals to actively manage their own wellbeing and effectiveness
  • enabling you to create shared vision with your staff
  • developing a problem-solving culture

How does it work?

Over two years, our consultants will work with you to provide tailored support to meet your specific needs. Possibilities include:

  • induction for senior leaders to explain the links to other key priorities
  • the chance to develop a bespoke section of the survey
  • eight consultancy sessions
  • guidance and support for understanding the outcomes of the confidential online survey
  • data analysis and feedback focusing on the needs of different staff groups
  • advice and support on developing and sustaining an action plan
  • learning and development sessions to create long-term change

To ensure everyone is on board and happy, we’ll brief all of your staff at the start and they’ll also have 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Programme.

We’ll hold regular progress reviews along the way and at the end we’ll run the Positive Workplace Survey again after the two years are finished to measure the progress you have made.

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Our pricing is based on the number of staff involved and on the package of support you need. To discuss the Positive Workplace Programme in more detail and get a quote please: