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Victoria’s story

Victoria - grants for school support staff

​Victoria works as a school admin. When her husband left her and their four sons, she was unable to keep up her mortgage payments and went into arrears. Luckily she contacted our grants service who were able to help. 

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Tara's story

Tara - teacher housing crisis

Teacher Tara approached us last years after being told a week before Christmas she was going to be made homeless.

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Venessa's story


Venessa found it difficult to balance studying for her diploma, working at a placement and dealing with a part-time job. Thankfully she was able to receive a grant from us that took some of the pressure off and allowed her to focus on her studies.

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Jennifer's story

Grants for retired teachers - stairs

Jennifer always wanted to be a teacher but wasn’t able to join the profession until after she had children. Unfortunately due to ill health she had to retire early. She and her husband have limited income and when she needed a stairlift, they turned to us for help.

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Vicky’s story


Vicky, a Learning Support Assistant, and her two young children were faced with homelessness after struggling to pay the deposit for a new property. 

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Amber's story

teacher bullying image

Amber is a primary school teacher. She loves seeing the smiles of children when they achieve something. However, when she became the victim of workplace bullying she thought it was the end of her teaching career.

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David's story

David Hudson training grant for teachers

Like many schools across the UK, David’s school in Pontefract is facing budget cuts, which is limiting his training opportunities. So we stepped in to help with our newly launched training and development fund.

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The Boonnak Family

Boonnak Family Grants Recipients

Teacher Julia and lunchtime supervisor Teerasak, needed financial help to adapt their home for their severely disabled 6-year-old son, Finnan. We were glad to help.

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Cheshire West & Chester Local Authority

Headteachers mentoring programme

Hilary Berry, Chair of the Association of Primary Headteachers at Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority, outlines the hugely positive impact the Headspace Programme has on their headteachers year after year.

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City of London Academy

City of London Academy

Hannah Mathews leads on wellbeing at City of London Academy in Southwark. Here she outlines the work that has been done to improve staff wellbeing and morale making the school a more positive place to work.

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