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Your Stories

Olivia's story

Terraced housing

A new job and home in London turned into a nightmare for teacher Olivia. A grant from us helped means she can now look forward to a happy and secure Christmas. 

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Kurt's story

Kurt - grant for teachers

With his trusty salmon pink Fender guitar Kurt Theobald teaches music of all kinds in schools and colleges on a peripatetic basic. But with cutbacks in arts provision at many schools he found himself struggling to make ends meet. He contacted Help Musicians which put him in touch with Ed Support.

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Nicola’s story

Housing crisis affecting teachers

Nicola, a teaching assistant at a primary school and single parent, had her life thrown into chaos when she was told she owed money due to an over payment of Housing Benefit. This threw her into confusion and extreme distress. We gave her a grant to help tide her over.

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Alan's story

Headteacher wellbeing - Alan's story

Primary headteacher Alan was about to leave teaching after more than 20 years in the profession. But with our help he found there was light at the end of the tunnel.

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Angela's story

University careers adviser wellbeing

It’s common for people to feel stressed because they have too much work. But what happens when you don’t have enough to do? That may sound like bliss. In fact, it can be very stressful as university careers adviser Angela explains.

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Paul's story

Helpline kept me in teaching

Paul, 29, a new secondary teacher, was feeling overwhelmed with the job, thought himself a failure and considered switching careers. Then he rang our helpline and with our guidance found a way to stay in teaching and enjoy it again. 

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Elizabeth's story

SEN teacher stress and workload

When Elizabeth, 56, a special needs teaching assistant in Staffordshire was at her wits’ end with her husband and daughter seriously ill and an extra workload at school she had no hesitation calling our helpline. We helped her manage her stress and find her own coping strategy.

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Amanda's story

Primary school teacher feeling unsupported by headteacher

Primary teacher Amanda felt that her headteacher was ‘gunning for her’ with constant pressure and negative feedback. She was signed off sick with anxiety and depression but with our support she managed to get back to school and manage her anxiety. 

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Tanya's story

Grant for teachings housing

Primary school teacher, Tanya fell into severe financial difficulty and had to sell their house and move into rented accommodation. They had no money for a deposit on another home. Find out how we helped. 

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Brenda's story

Brenda's story - grants for lecturers

When Brenda, 60, had to have a mastectomy she fell into financial difficulties we helped her out with a grant to pay arrears on her gas, electricity and phone bill and to help pay her mortgage.

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