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How speaking to the helpline helped me stay in teaching

Education Support stress balls

Victoria was stressed and anxious due to a relentless workload and unreasonable expectations. After breaking down in tears, she turned to our helpline for support. A call which gave her the strength to stay.


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Meet Laura

Laura Braun was miserable and suffering from panic attacks. A call to our helpline clarified what she wanted out of her life and career.

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Meet Lisa

Lisa Brabrook during treatment for leukaemia

Lisa Brabrook and her family were struggling financially folllowing a diagnosis of leukaemia. This is when our Grants Caseworker, Carl, stepped in to help. 

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Meet Ollie

Ollie in the bath

Carl Hanser, Grants Officer, talks about how the grant he awarded helped 3 year old cancer patient Ollie get some pain relief. 

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Meet Simone


NQT, Simone was able to keep a roof over her and her son’s head with help from our grants. 

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Meet Sarah

Gas flame

Single mum got help to pay the bills through our grants scheme.

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Meet Elissavet


How London teacher Elissavet got a space of her own with our help!

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Meet Fiona

Terraced housing

Fiona was able to avoid being avicted with support from our grants. 

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Meet Jane


On the outside Jane was a confident head of a thriving department. But inside she was struggling to cope.

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Meet John


John, a primary school teacher, called us when he became a victim of domestic violence.

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