Leave a legacy

Give a gift to the future. Leave a legacy.

There comes a point in everyone’s career when you begin to think: what will my legacy be?

Everyone wants to leave a positive mark, and the people and causes you remember in your will are a recognition of all that is important to you.

If teaching is close to your heart, why not support the next generation of people working in education with a gift to Education Support?

We all leave many legacies behind us: the good that we did for others and the lives we touched. You can’t leave those things in your will, but you can make a gift to Education Support.

As you know only too well, working in education gets ever more stressful with targets and inspections and constant Government reforms. Leaving a legacy in your will is the perfect chance to protect those who come after you, guaranteeing that they’ll always have somewhere to turn if the going gets tough.

Legacies help us stay strong and be there for people in crisis.

And please do give us a call if you would like to discuss this important way in which you can support us, on 020 7697 2750