Christmas appeal 2018 | Education Support Partnership

Christmas appeal 2018

Being a teacher has never been more stressful. Will you be there for a teacher like Victoria?

More and more teachers are facing stress and poor mental health, mainly due to the ever-increasing workloads. Some teachers have even faced a breakdown at work.

We need your help to be able to answer calls. Will you make a donation to help us answer a call from a teacher at risk of a breakdown?

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Victoria is a Geography teacher in Kent. Her current school is very supportive, but a few years ago her story was very different. She suffered a breakdown in front of her class, and almost walked out of teaching for good.

Fortunately a call to the Ed Support helpline made all the difference to Victoria, who told us;

I dreaded meetings - more tasks would be added to my already huge to-do list. By the time we approached the end of term, I would leave those meetings in tears. The feelings of worry and stress were always with me; I felt completely overwhelmed and so alone. It all came to a head the day before the school holidays. I broke down in front of my class.

One of her colleagues found her and Victoria burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. She was sent home and slept for nearly 24hours. Once she’d rested, she called the Ed Support helpline who reassured and supported her.

Donate now to help answer a phone call from a teacher in need

The helpline counsellor helped me break through the fog of self-doubt, worry and upset. Their advice was to take some time off and think about my future, which I did. Whilst signed-off work, I began remembering why I loved my job and that there was nothing else in the world I wanted to be doing.

Thanks to a phonecall with the counsellor, I was able to move to a school with senior leadership who really care about teachers and our wellbeing.

The qualified counsellors at the end of the line completely understand the pressures facing teachers and listen without judgment.

Our helpline is open 24/7 and our counsellors will be working throughout the Christmas holidays. Whether someone calls on the last day of term, at 2am on Christmas morning or the night before heading back to school – they will have someone to talk to who understands and can help. That’s only possible because of the generosity of our donors.  

Watch Victoria tell her story 

Will you please make a donation to make sure the helpline can keep answering calls, on Christmas day, and every day?

Calls to our helpline have increased by 35% in the last year. It’s more important than ever that we stand by teachers when they need support the most. Your gift today could help answer the next call from a teacher like Victoria, on the verge of a breakdown.

If it wasn’t for Education Support Partnership, and their incredible helpline, I would have left teaching once and for all.

  • £12 could supply a pack of posters and wallet cards to a school, so teachers will know they can phone us in a time of crisis
  • £25 could answer a call from a teacher who may be suffering a breakdown, allowing them to speak to a counsellor who will listen and can help
  • £105 could answer the first call, and provide further telephone support to a teacher who needs multiple structured counselling sessions

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