NQTs vs mud! | Education Support Partnership

NQTs vs mud!

On July 29th 2017 two Newly Qualified Teachers, Ellie Burland and Helen Teasdale, are taking on the Yorkshire Tough Mudder to raise money for Education Support Partnership. We spoke to Helen to find out why!

Tell us a little bit about your experience of being a  Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

For me, it’s been difficult. The autumn term was long and certainly felt like jumping in the deep end. However, I felt more positive coming back in January as the relationships with students were there and I wasn’t just a new blank face. The NQT year is hard, I can imagine that any teacher starting a new school will come across some difficulties, but with being an NQT you face these for the first time.

Tough mudder NQT fundraiser
What made you choose Ed Support as your charity?

We found out about Education Support Partnership and decided that it would be a good, relevant and relatable cause. Even if people do not donate to us, it’s still good to raise awareness. 

How is training going?

I’ve found it good to get back into a routine, I’ve enjoyed coming home from work and going to the gym for an hour. One of the schools I had a placement in when I was training used to have staff sports clubs after school, which I think is great for staff wellbeing. Hopefully come July, we’ll pass the finish line after a fun-filled, muddy 13 miles!

“We are running a Tough Mudder for Education Support Partnership because teachers support kids, but who supports teachers?”

Please show your support to Helen and Ellie by donating via their JustGiving page. Or you can give £5 by texting NQTR17 £5 to 70070