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Growing character

Stuart Rimmer, Principal of Great Yarmouth College talks about the responsibility of schools and colleges to teach students how to develop good character.

Using goals to get what you want

Setting goals can help establish long term focus and short term motivation says Stuart Rimmer, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Great Yarmouth College

Being an authentic leader

Stuart Rimmer, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Great Yarmouth College, discusses the importance of authenticity.

Chatting with: Ross Morrison McGill

The founder of the popular @TeacherToolkit blog talks to us about his career, politics and why he's a digital ambassador for Education Support Partnership

Workload epidemic? Avoid the tipping point

Looking after your mental health as a teacher is crucial, especially given the workload challenges we are facing. Our CEO Julian Stanley offers his advice

Help us help you: Preventing radicalisation

We are looking for volunteers to join our focus groups to discuss what support is needed to help teachers fulfill their new prevent duties

International Women's Day

On this, International Women's Day (8 March), we talk to women in education about work, life and how important it is to prioritise wellbeing. 

On University Mental Health Day - Don't Forget the Lecturers

Unrealistic marketing deadlines, NSS surveys, a lack of support. We talk to three academics about the importance of staff wellbeing on University Mental Health Day. 

What a brain injury taught me about being a head teacher

The world turned upside down for Alison Willis in March 2015.

The popular head teacher had had a busy spring term getting ready for an Ofsted inspection that loomed somewhere on the horizon. She felt achy and tired and thought she might have been coming down with the flu: “I was just a typical teacher at the end of term,” she says. 

Life Hacks for New NQTs

For many NQTs, the first year of teaching is the most challenging. The pressure can feel daunting as PGCE students transition to the challenges of working in a school full time.

Of course, you've worked in schools before. After the placements, this could be your third or potentially fourth school within less than a year. There are new teachers, new procedures, new students and a new syllabus to get used to.