Mental health: The oxygen mask approach

How can teachers be expected to adequately support children’s mental wellbeing when their own is under such pressure? The oxygen mask approach! 

Not everyone leaving teaching is cartwheeling out of the job

Matt Butcher teacher, dad and blogger writes an emotional account of his difficult decision to leave teaching.  


A day in the life of a helpline counsellor

One of our helpline counsellors talks about the types of calls we receive and how we help the education staff who contact us in distress on a daily basis.

Creating a culture of wellbeing in schools

Teacher and researcher, Emma Kell, has identified key ways that can promote positive experiences of teaching and boost wellbeing in schools. 

Leadership wellbeing: It’s good to talk

With huge pressure on today’s school leaders, our Chief Executive, Julian Stanley discusses the programmes offering wellbeing and mental health support to school leaders. 

Find your bliss and act on it, for the benefit of all your learners

Teachers need to find their joy, sense of purpose and balance to inspire students and rediscover the joy of teaching says Education Support associate Alex Bell. 

Dealing with sexual violence: a guide for teachers

This can be a difficult subject for any teacher to broach so here are some strategies for teaching your pupils to recognise, challenge and avoid sexual violence.

Teacher supply: Education Select Committee

On the 19th of October 2016 we attended the Education Select Committee final meeting on teacher supply. We have summarised the key themes and suggestions from committee witnesses. 

Mindfulness: making better leaders

You don’t have to be wearing saffron robes and sitting on a mountain to utilise mindfulness in daily life. College principal Stuart Rimmer explains how to incorporate mindfulness into leadership practice.

Managing disagreements

Education staff manage relationships with numerous people including colleagues, managers, parents and students. It is therefore inevitable that a disagreement will happen at some point so learning how to manage them productively is vital.