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A manifesto for wellbeing

Ahead of the next Parliament, the Education Support Partnership has published its own manifesto for teacher wellbeing.

Meditation & visualisation for stress and anxiety

Meditation has become a key technique for many of us to help deal with stress and anxiety. Here Vanessa Potter, who dramatically lost her sight, explains how she used mediation and visualisation to cope and aid her recovery.

Top 5 wellbeing tips supply teachers

Working as a supply teacher is very rewarding, but there is no doubt that it can be a challenge at times especially as the long summer break comes up. Look after yourself with these tips for better wellbeing.

Wellbeing: mixed messages or no messages at all?

Former headteacher Dr. David Dixon discusses how instead of school leaders and staff kow-towing to ‘the system’, they should look to how the system can work for them to provide a broad and balanced curriculum and a happy environment for staff and students. 

Wellbeing & mental health in the news: March/April 2017

Various articles have been published this month about the mental health and wellbeing of education staff. We have reviewed them and picked out the best ones for you here.

How to discuss the news with your students

After the recent Westminster attacks in London, we had a heavy reminder that the world has become an increasingly uncertain place. Here we share some techniques for discussing current events with your students.

Talking therapies: the benefits & how to access them

Amidst the current  'epidemic’ of mental health issues in education, psychotherapist Bev Gold, outlines the benefits of talking therapies and how to access them. 

Improving staff wellbeing & morale at City of London Academy

Hannah Mathews leads on wellbeing at City of London Academy in Southwark. Here she outlines the work that has been done to improve staff wellbeing, morale and retention making the school a more positive place to work.

Finding a new kind of perfect

Teaching seems to attract a disproportionate amount of people prone to perfectionism. Alex Bell discusses why and what can be done about it. 

Mental health: The oxygen mask approach

How can teachers be expected to adequately support children’s mental wellbeing when their own is under such pressure? The oxygen mask approach!