Fundraising for teachers like me!

Matthew Sylvester, a teacher from the York and Scunthorpe area, is taking on a number of amazing challenges to raise money for us after seeing first-hand the support offered to teachers like him when they need someone most.

Finding your first job in teaching

Every year, thousands of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) enter the job market for the first time.We know this is an exciting but challenging time. Here are our tips to securing that all-important first role.


Words of wisdom for NQTs

Retired teachers offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to the younger generation. We have collected together some of their words of encouragement for NQTs starting this September. 

Teaching assistant Jacqui shares her highs and lows

After having a family, Jacqui decided she wanted a career change and began working as a teaching assistant in a London primary school. Here she talks about the highs and lows of the job.

Helping staff in higher education

In this short video higher education staff explain why an independent and confidential support service is important to them.

NQTs vs mud!

On July 29th NQTs Ellie Burland and Helen Teasdale, are taking on the Yorkshire Tough Mudder to raise money for Education Support Partnership. We spoke to Helen to find out why!

Talking staff wellbeing at events & conferences

Over the past 4 months we have been incredibly busy travelling across the country meeting hundreds of teachers, lecturers, school leaders, support staff from schools and colleges across the UK and talking to them about the services we offer.

Too busy to read this blog? Then read this blog....

What does ‘busy’ mean? Is ‘busy’ a badge of honour, or a brag, in what sometimes feels like an arms race of workload, deadlines and pressure currently pervading schools and colleges? Or is ‘busy’ some sort of plea, where we are telling others that we have taken on too much?

Unfounded allegation almost destroys a teacher's career

Retired teacher, Mary, spoke to us about her harrowing experience of coping with an unfounded historical allegation that was made against her by a former student.

NQTs: being prepared for when September comes...

This year’s trainees will be steeling themselves for their NQT year starting in September. This year's NQTs have shared their advice!