Top tips for trainee teachers

Marsha Phipps shares her experiences as a trainee teacher and her top tips for anyone else just starting out. 

Summer holiday bucket list

Not sure what to do with your summer holiday? Is there something you’ve always fancied giving a go but never had the time? We’ve come up with a few challenges to help teachers to make the most of the summer holidays.

Talking staff wellbeing up and down the country!

Wow June was a busy month for us! We attended events up and down the country from Birmingham, Berkshire to Essex, talking to education staff about how we can support them and speaking on topics ranging from wellbeing to leadership.

How to wind down to retirement

Though you may be longing for the days when your working life ends and the long, languid days of retirement beckon like a waterfall in a desert, the shock of no longer working can be overwhelming. So why not think instead about easing yourself into retirement gradually?

Even people who love their jobs probably yearn for that weekend or holiday lie-in to become permanent. To spend as much time as they want in the garden, read, listen to the radio, relax and perhaps most of all, at last, to be able to go on holidays outside the school term!

Why teaching staff need to treat themselves

Can you remember the last time you treated yourself to something? If you’re racking your brains trying to remember or you already know the answer and it’s never, the summer holidays is the perfect time to think seriously about doing something nice for yourself.

Expert panel discuss staff wellbeing

It was standing-room only at our discussion ‘Staff wellbeing and its impact on the recruitment and retention crisis’. The panel, Vic Goddard, Adrian Bethune, Victoria Hewett and Lord Lucas, gave some great insights.

Is retirement all it's cracked up to be?

You may be looking forward to retiring and have all sorts of plans for how you’ll spend it. Yet nothing can quite prepare you for the shock retirement may bring. We look here at steps you can take to try to get emotionally ready for when you leave work for good.

Why teachers leave school

When the job feels like it’s getting too much, thoughts can turn to quitting. However, many teachers have come back from the brink, as Julian Stanley explains.

Sexual harassment in Higher Education

Sexual harassment and misconduct has been highlighted as an issue for the higher education sector and we have been making sure that we are connecting with the people and organisations tackling it, so that we can offer appropriate support.

Making the most of your time off

A busy working life means it’s vital you have interests outside work. Sometimes the best way to relax isn’t to do nothing – it’s to do something else. What are the best ways to switch off when you’re not at school or college?