What happens when you ring our helpline?

Following our report into the increase in teachers ringing our helpline we thought it would be useful to explain what happens when you ring our free and confidential helpline. 

Ed Support at Union Conferences

Over the last few weeks we’ve been heading out across the country talking to everyone working in education about the work we do and how we can help them! You might have seen our stand already, or you may be heading to an upcoming event that we’ll be exhibiting at!

How to look after yourself during an Ofsted

It’s always important that you try to take good care of yourself but before and during an Ofsted you need to be extra nice to yourself. Here’s how to survive and even thrive during an Ofsted.

What aspects of teaching can be good for your mental health?

No one ever says teaching is good for your mental health: that would sound a bit ‘pie in the sky’.  However, former secondary school teacher Lucy, has now got a clear sense of the aspects of teaching that are good for your mental health.

Exam stress - teachers feel it too!

With so much emphasis on exam stress faced by students and their parents, it’s often forgotten what a truly stressful time this also is for teachers and everyone working in education. So it’s vital you take good care of yourself. 

Spring into spring!

Spring can be very energising, a delightful season full of promise, hope and new beginnings. Find out how to make the most of the season to bookst your energy and sense of wellbeing. 

Retention: a glimmer of hope

Low pay, high workload and an eroding of professional autonomy are huge retention challenges – but there is hope, says Julian Stanley.

Time for a digital detox?

Are you one of many people thinking about deleting your Facebook account due to the massive data breach by Cambridge Analytica? Could this be the spur you’ve been waiting for to try a digital detox? We take a look at the benefits of going “off grid”.

Top comedians applaud teachers

A host of top UK comedians have come together to produce a series of exclusive short films applauding the work that teachers do. 

Is now the time to embrace flexible working?

With the recruitment and retention crisis getting worse, a simple solution is to do more to support women stay in their jobs. We look at the experiences of women who have asked for more flexibility and share some top tips to help makes possitive changes to working practices.

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