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Teachers' Pension Scheme

Teachers’ Pensions is responsible for administering teachers’ pensions on behalf of the government. Their job is to help teachers with their pensions and also to support the employers of teachers throughout England and Wales.

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme changed on 1 April 2015, with the introduction of career average as well as final salary arrangements. If you’re a member of the Scheme it’s important you understand how the changes will affect you individually. There are different member types, some will remain in the final salary arrangement only, some will have a pension in both final salary and career average whilst new members will have career average only. Deferred members and pensioners also need to know how the Scheme has changed, particularly if they decide to return to teaching.

If you’re unsure which member type you are and which arrangement you're in, their factsheets or this video could help. Alternatively, you can email tpmail@teacherspensions.co.uk or call 0845 6066 166. The team is available between 8:30am–6pm, Monday to Friday.

Tools & resources

There are a range of tools and resources available to help you keep on top of your pension. 

  • The calculators can help with pension planning
  • There’s lots of factsheets and FAQs depending on your circumstances  
  • If you’re looking for more information about planning your retirement, visit the Retirement Centre 
  • My Pension Online (MPO) is an online PIN-protected portal that lets you check and manage your personal pension information, as well as contacting Teachers’ Pensions securely. If you’re an active teacher, you can check up on your Annual Benefit Statement, update your personal details, and access a range of tools and calculators. If you’re a retired member you can view your P60s, payslips and access re-employment tools. You can also keep your details updated to make sure there’s no delay in receiving your pension payments.
  • Visit www.teacherspensions.co.uk for more information