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How we help staff deal with their problems

87% of helpline callers told us they felt better equipped to deal with their problems after accessing support. We spoke to users who explained how the free, confidential emotional support we provide helped them. 

How I look after my wellbeing

For secondary school teacher Bonnie Harrington, managing her wellbeing is a termly, weekly, daily priority. If she waits until she is struggling before implementing these tips then it's too late.

Lost Connections: is our education system collectively sick with anxiety and depression?

Head of English Andy Sammons reflects on what helped him recover from a mental health crisis and what schools can learn from his experience.

Teachers tell it like it is in new BBC Teach support resources

“I hate exams with an absolute passion. Sometimes I feel I'm more stressed than the pupils are.” Is this how you sometimes feel during exam season? If so, you’re not alone.

We’re working with BBC Teach on a new project to highlight some of the biggest stress points of the year for teachers and give practical tips on how to cope.

How to cope with observation anxiety

We asked teachers for their advice on coping with classroom observations and what their school does to make them a less stressful experience. 

Investigating resilience to stress in teachers: can you help?

Kings College need teachers to help research the psychological factors underlying resilience to long-term stress to help develop future interventions to prevent anxiety and depression in teachers.

CSIS awards funding

We are delighted that the Civil Service Insurance Society Charity Fund has awarded us a substantial grant  to help us continue to meet the growing demand for our emergency financial grants programme. 

Taking charge of your time

With yet another report demonstrating how much unpaid overtime the teaching profession puts in,Victoria Hewett shares her top tips for reclaiming your personal time one step at a time.

Biggest demand ever for emergency grants

2018 saw the biggest demand ever for our emergency financial grants from people working in education resulting in more than £300,000 given in almost 700 awards as reported in The Guardian

Carl Hanser, Ed Support’s Grants Manager explains:

The Duchess of Cambridge attends Ed Support keynote

The Duchess of Cambridge attended The Royal Foundation’s Mental Health in Education conference which included a keynote speech from our CEO Sinéad Mc Brearty.