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Don't quit teaching yet!

If stress is making you so ill you’re convinced you’ve picked the wrong profession, maybe there’s a better way? We talk to three teachers who thought about giving up but decided to stay.

Victoria’s story

Victoria Hewitt reached rock-bottom with her job and thought that was it. “I had a relentless workload with unreasonable expectations.  I was teaching Geography, History, ICT and Geography. The workload was constant.

Changing our definition of teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing requires a cultural shift – it is not just about yoga sessions and fruit bowls, says our CEO.

Thank you for supporting our Christmas Appeal

We raised an incredible £28,000 from the Christmas campaign and we would like to say a huge Thank you to those who generously donated. Every penny will go towards supporting education staff who need us. 

How to cope with disruptive behaviour

The Teacher Wellbeing Index notes that disruptive and threatening behaviour is a key concern for teachers. Our CEO Julian Stanley offers some advice.

Our helpline rated excellent!

To ensure the increasing numbers of education staff can call us with confidence our helpline is regularly audited. We’re delighted with this result as we’re committed to providing the highest quality support services available.

How to switch off from the classroom

Finding it impossible to switch off from work was a huge issue in our 2018 Teacher Wellbeing Index with many teachers saying it was the biggest reason they had a poor work/life balance. We look here at ways to switch off.

Teacher workload: how to stop it becoming overwhelming

One of the biggest issues our 2018 Teacher Wellbeing Index raised was the impact of workload on the stress levels of many teachers and educational professionals. Here are some ways to manage your workload so it’s less stressful and overwhelming.

Our Teacher Wellbeing Index highlights stress epidemic

Today sees the publication of our Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018conducted in partnership with YouGov. This comprehensive and robust research highlights a stress epidemic and rising mental health issues across the entire UK education workforce. 

Open days - what do you say to parents?

There’s no shortage of advice to parents on what to look for as they do the tour round schools. Somewhat thin on the ground though, or even non-existent, is advice to teachers on how to handle what could be a tricky encounter. 

What teachers can learn from performers

Teaching is a performance art. However you feel, whatever kind of a mood you’re in you know you have to leave one part of yourself at the door and go out there and perform every time you enter a classroom. Our CEO Julian Stanley looks at what can teachers learn from performers.