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Performance reviews: time to rethink

Performance appraisal school staff and teachers
22nd September 2018

The traditional performance review is now seen as outdated and ineffective by many including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Kris Still implores school leaders to think again about their performance management conversations that could unwittingly being doing more harm than good. 

When there is no wind – row!

Boat - support for teachers wellbeing and mental health
9th September 2018

​Kristian Still reflects on the positive and inspirational things happening to support teachers and others working in education with their health and wellbeing despite the structural problems the profession faces.

Teacher wellbeing: put your own oxygen mask on first

Oxygen mask
28th August 2018

If teachers are not taking care of themselves, this will inevitably have a knock-on effect for our students too. Adrian Bethune explains why we should start to care for and nurture ourselves as much as we care for and nurture our pupils.

How to thrive during your first year as a teacher

23rd August 2018

So you’ve completed the first part of your training to be a teacher and now it’s time to go into the classroom as a NQT. We look here at the challenges you may face in and offer you tips to help you make a success of it.

Getting to know you

Donate to teachers and education staff
23rd August 2018

Building relationships with a new class of students (and their parents!) is something every teacher has to do throughout their career. Here are some tips to make it work well for you.

Summer holiday bucket list

Teacher wellbeing summer bucket list
26th July 2018

Not sure what to do with your summer holiday? Is there something you’ve always fancied giving a go but never had the time? We’ve come up with a few challenges to help teachers to make the most of the summer holidays.

Talking staff wellbeing up and down the country!

Ed Support at education events
11th July 2018

Wow June was a busy month for us! We attended events up and down the country from Birmingham, Berkshire to Essex, talking to education staff about how we can support them and speaking on topics ranging from wellbeing to leadership.

How to wind down to retirement

Teachers winding down to retirement
11th July 2018

Though you may be longing for the days when your working life ends and the long, languid days of retirement beckon like a waterfall in a desert, the shock of no longer working can be overwhelming.