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Newly single mum gets help to pay the bills

4th May 2016

Sarah applied through our grants scheme: "It costs so much to heat a house and feed the children so I was very grateful for the help.” she explains.

Behaviour management top tips

4th May 2016

70% of teachers told us they had considered quitting the profession over poor behaviour. Our top tips outline 4 basic approaches found to improve classroom behaviour.

Managing the stress and upheaval of change

28th April 2016

Managing change can be difficult, but it is something that teachers today are facing on a regular basis. Our CEO, Julian Stanley offers some coping advice 

Growing character

26th April 2016

Stuart Rimmer, Principal of Great Yarmouth College talks about the responsibility of schools and colleges to teach students how to develop good character

4 steps to building your wellbeing as a teacher

24th April 2016

Our CEO, Julian Stanley looks at what steps you can take to manage your stress and support your wellbeing.

Using goals to get what you want

19th April 2016

Setting goals can help establish long term focus and short term motivation says Stuart Rimmer, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Great Yarmouth College

Little steps to tackle workload challenges

19th April 2016

While we wait for definitive government action on workload, our CEO Julian Stanley offers some time-management advice

Daily Mile boosts well-being of kids & teachers!

5th April 2016

Former head teacher and Pride of Britain award winner, Elaine Wylie, talks about her Daily Mile initiative. 

Being an authentic leader

29th March 2016

Stuart Rimmer, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Great Yarmouth College, discusses the importance of authenticity

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