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Crying in cupboards: what happens when teachers are bullied

Woman in distress
7th September 2016

​Pat Bricheno and Mary Thornton have written a new book about the experiences of teachers who have been bullied. They share some of what they discovered here.

Our grant helped Lisa survive financially after cancer diagnosis

Lisa Brabrook before and after treatment for leukaemia
5th September 2016

Lisa Brabrook and her family were struggling financially after she had to stop working as a teacher folllowing a diagnosis of leukaemia. This is when our Grants Caseworker, Carl, stepped in to help. 

September: a blank page

Teacher in a classroom
31st August 2016

Emma Kell is a researcher on teacher wellbeing. Here she shares strategies that may help you in surviving – and thriving – the year and, hopefully many more fulfilling and successful years to come as a teacher. 

Teacher suffering stress & panic attacks turns to our helpline for support

Laura Braun and her family
30th August 2016

Laura Braun was miserable and suffering from panic attacks. A call to our helpline clarified what she wanted out of her life and career.

NQT Special: Do you know how and when to say no?

Young teacher in the classroom
23rd August 2016

Both NQTs and more experienced teachers can often find it difficult to say no. Julian Stanley explores how teachers can turn down additional requests on their time in a professional manner.

NQT Special: How to protect your wellbeing

Young teacher in the classroom
19th August 2016

Our CEO, Julian Stanley, offers some pointers to help new teachers protect their wellbeing and mental health.

NQT keeps roof over her and her son’s head with our help

4th August 2016

Single parent Simone was struggling to pay her mortgage after starting her NQT year so contacted us for help. 

Our financial support helps Fiona avoid eviction

Flats in London
4th August 2016

Fiona was determined to educate herself after a difficult start in life. During her teacher training she was threatened with eviction and we stepped in to help. 

Make going #BackToSchool stress-free!

2nd August 2016

After a long (and hopefully!) hot summer you may be thinking about the new term ahead. To make sure #backtoschool is as painless as possible we look at what you can do to manage your workload and avoid stress in the year ahead.