Our Teacher Wellbeing Index highlights stress epidemic

Today sees the publication of our Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018conducted in partnership with YouGov. This comprehensive and robust research highlights a stress epidemic and rising mental health issues across the entire UK education workforce. 

Open days - what do you say to parents?

There’s no shortage of advice to parents on what to look for as they do the tour round schools. Somewhat thin on the ground though, or even non-existent, is advice to teachers on how to handle what could be a tricky encounter. 

What teachers can learn from performers

Teaching is a performance art. However you feel, whatever kind of a mood you’re in you know you have to leave one part of yourself at the door and go out there and perform every time you enter a classroom. So what can teachers from performers? 

Performance reviews: time to rethink

The traditional performance review is seen as outdated and ineffective by many. Kristian Still implores school leaders to think again about their performance management conversations that could being doing more harm than good. 

When there is no wind – row!

​Kristian Still reflects on the positive and inspirational things happening to support teachers and others working in education with their health and wellbeing despite the structural problems the profession faces.

How to support colleagues and students with mental health issues

Helping colleagues and students who you think may be facing or heading for a crisis isn’t easy. So what’s the best way to help them?

Teachers share their wellbeing tips for the new academic year

As the new academic year begins we asked teachers to share their #backtoschool tips. We have been overwhelmed with the fantastic responses to help make this year a positive one.

Using food to boost your energy levels

We take a look at how changes to your diet can help you to feel more energetic and keep going during a long teaching day. 

Teacher wellbeing: put your own oxygen mask on first

If teachers are not taking care of themselves, this will inevitably have a knock-on effect for our students too. Adrian Bethune explains why we should start to care for and nurture ourselves as much as we care for and nurture our pupils.

How to thrive during your first year as a teacher

So you’ve completed the first part of your training to be a teacher and now it’s time to go into the classroom as a NQT. We look here at the challenges you may face in and offer you tips to help you make a success of it.