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Ruislip High School

Ruislip High School opened its doors in September 2006. The school converted to academy status in 2014 and has been graded outstanding in both Ofsted inspections it has received.

Their vision is to ensure that they build upon their excellent foundation and continue to provide students with the very best secondary education available.

The school has been working with Education Support Partnership since 2010, with a specific focus on monitoring the wellbeing of their staff through an annual Positive Workplace Survey.

Dr Martina Lecky, Executive Headteacher at Ruislip High School, says the survey is crucial to building trust with the school’s staff and informing future decision making:

“When you’re striving to constantly raise the bar in terms of working environment and culture, this is impossible to achieve without hearing how people are feeling.

“Staff voice is crucial and the Positive Workplace Survey is one of a range of platforms we use that allows us to really listen, take on board feedback and see how different aspects of staff wellbeing and professional life is changing at the school.

“This allows the Senior Leadership Team to make informed decisions that can have a real impact. It also flags any potential issues before they become big, because we’re able to act quickly.”

Dr Lecky adds that being open with staff and demonstrating that you are acting on their feedback is the most important part of the process:

“Transparency is key. We have created a culture where everything can be talked about openly, including feeling comfortable about approaching a member of SLT with any issue.

“The way we present the findings of the Survey with Education Support Partnership in front of staff shows we’re really listening and acting on what they’ve said.

“As we’ve been doing this for a number of years now, we’re able to demonstrate the changes that have occurred as a result of last year’s Survey, which means staff are really engaged in the whole process and have experienced first-hand the benefits.”

The Positive Workplace Survey has been used by Ruislip High to inform a wide range of changes and initiatives, from strategic decision making through to staff training needs:

“We have identified the need for particular training for different groups which has had a big impact, plus the Survey findings are regularly brought up in SLT meetings.

“It can also pick up on smaller things that you don’t really think about or discuss, which can make a real difference to someone’s working environment.

“I remember the first year we did the Survey and some of the biggest issues raised were really quick fixes, such as the photocopying and toilets.

“It’s about valuing and generally caring about your staff’s wellbeing.

“We’re lucky to have a very positive culture here, however that doesn’t mean we should take it for granted or not strive to continually improve.

“The business case is really easy for me to make to Governors.

“From staff sickness through to staff turnover and lots of other things in between, without positive staff wellbeing it’s near on impossible to reach the standards we set for ourselves at Ruislip High.”

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