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How much do teachers need their half term holiday? Research seeks to find out

4th May 2016

Research conducted by City University in collaboration with Education Support Partnership seeks to find out how much teachers need their half term holiday.

Starting this May, academics from City University London will be conducted the second round of a valuable piece of research, conducted in close collaboration with the Education Support Partnership, looking into the psychological value of the school holidays for teacher health resilience and wellbeing.

Annual survey uncovers an ‘epidemic’ of mental health issues

4th March 2016

Our survey results reveal 84% of those working in education admit to suffering problems, with workload to blame in 81% of cases.

Results also suggest mental health issues are at risk of being a closely guarded secret as only one quarter of those affected discussed their problems with line managers

New research suggests good leadership is the major contributor to reducing education job strain

11th February 2016

Charity launches formal consultation on recruitment and retention

At an event being held tonight in the Houses of Parliament, UK charity Education Support Partnership will launch a new formal consultation process designed to gather insights that will help fix the current recruitment and retention crisis. The consultation, opening tomorrow, will run until later in the academic year when Education Support will publish and submit the associated findings to Government.

Violence against teachers is unacceptable says Education Support Partnership CEO Julian Stanley

29th January 2016

Commenting on ATL research on the level of violence towards teachers, Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership comments:

"Violence against teachers is unacceptable. Staff in other sectors do not go to work fearing or expecting they will be physically or verbally abused & teachers & support staff in schools also have an unassailable right to do their jobs without fear of violence or intimidation."

Christmas break vital to teacher’s psychological wellbeing, says study

16th December 2015

Christmas holidays play a critical role in preventing teacher burnout and exhaustion, according to a study by academics at City University London.

New Charity Appeal Urges Young Teachers to Stay the Course - #NotQuittingTeaching

14th October 2015

A new fundraising appeal from national charity the Education Support Partnership has been rolled out this month marking a natural moment to consider what help new teachers need stay the course.

Nine in ten teachers say school inspections do not improve student results

28th September 2015

Mon, 08/12/2014 - 00:01 

More than 90% of teachers in England say school inspections have a neutral or negative impact on student results, according to a survey for Teacher Support Network. 

Although regulators aim to promote improvement in schools, the survey, conducted by education market research company VoicED, revealed that just 8% of school staff felt inspections helped improve student outcomes while a similar minority, one in 10, said inspections improved their performance at work. 

Three in five education staff are underperforming at work due to mental health problems

9th October 2014

Three in five people working in education say their work performance has suffered as a result of mental health problems, according to our research. 

An overwhelming majority of the education workforce have experienced a common mental health condition in the last two years, following a poll by Education Support Partnership (then Teacher Support Network Group). 

  • 88% said they suffered from stress, 72% anxiety and 45% had depression