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Teachers Building Society donates to Education Support Partnership

28th November 2017

Teachers Building Society was delighted to donate £4775 to the Education Support Partnership in July as its annual Charity Saver Account donation.

Comment on the NAHT’s annual survey looking at retention and recruitment

24th November 2017

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership said: “These results make grim reading, echoing what we hear on a daily basis from many teachers and school leaders who tell us they love their job but are struggling to make it work.  

Pressure on teachers damaging mental health and wellbeing

18th September 2017

An overwhelming majority of the UK’s education professionals say they have suffered physical and mental health issues as a result of their jobs according to our new YouGov research.

Reduced workload and better support for wellbeing key to retaining teachers

24th February 2017

Our latest research identifies and explores possible solutions to education’s ongoing retention and recruitment crisis.

Response to the Education Select Committee’s ‘supply of teachers’ inquiry report

21st February 2017

This inquiry echoes what we hear from teachers every day. Many are struggling with crippling workloads which cannot be sustained. Pressure on budgets and a failure to attract new recruits is exacerbating the strain experienced by those in the job.

Education Support Partnership comment on the government’s plans to “transform” attitudes to mental health, with a focus on children and young people

10th January 2017

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership said:

“It’s good to see the Prime Minister’s commitment to making mental health a priority.

As helpline prepares for peak in calls, charity urges teachers to talk and protect wellbeing

16th December 2016

When people phone us they’re often in a state of crisis, panic and high distress” - Anna, a helpline counsellor

The leading charity supporting teachers’ wellbeing is entering its busiest period of the year as hundreds of struggling education staff contact its free helpline, often in distress.

Education Support Partnership comments on the OECD PISA 2015 global school performance results

6th December 2016

Julian Stanley, CEO of Education Support Partnership said:

“Yet again the latest PISA figures demonstrate the paramount importance of investment and respect for education and educators. Singapore and other leading nations invest heavily in a system with a long-term vision where teachers are highly respected and supported to perform their role successfully.

Comment on Ann Maguire report by Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board

9th November 2016

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of Education Support Partnership said:

“Ann Maguire’s horrific murder and its impact on her pupils, colleagues, family and friends must never be forgotten. In its conclusion that this tragedy was ‘not predictable’ today’s report reminds us that this was an extremely rare occurrence and that staff demonstrated enormous bravery during and after the attack."

Thousands of teachers supported by unique UK charity helpline

10th October 2016

This World Mental Health Day, Education Support Partnership wants to remind anyone working in education that it is here to help.