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New Charity Appeal Urges Young Teachers to Stay the Course - #NotQuittingTeaching

14th October 2015

A new fundraising appeal from national charity the Education Support Partnership has been rolled out this month marking a natural moment to consider what help new teachers need stay the course.

As well as a traditional fundraising outreach through direct mail and phone marketing, Education Support Partnership’s new appeal aims to highlight the support that the charity provides to those who are struggling in their jobs. The appeal will also use the power of social media to encourage all teachers to share the details of their best moments at work and sign up to a ‘virtual pledge’ using the hashtag #NotQuittingTeaching - an activity designed to help motivate struggling young teachers and make clear that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The new appeal comes at a time when one in six NQTs are leaving teaching within six months of commencing their first post, and research conducted by YouGov for the Education Support Partnership in June identified that triggers for all teachers looking to leave in their first 5 years were; excessive workloads (40%), unreasonable demands from line managers (24%), rapid pace of organisational change (18%) and student behaviour (13%). 

Last year the Education Support Partnership took over 60,000 calls from teachers on their counselling phone lines, many of whom were NQTs. Education Support Partnership CEO, Julian Stanley, explains “Whilst it is well recognised that the first few years of teaching can be tough, current statistics suggest that difficulties are now more than a rite of passage and are a major contributory factor to the recruitment and retention crisis.”

He continues “In our view, more needs to be done to address this issue, and the responsibility for supporting new teachers should be equally weighted between school leadership, teacher training institutions and policy makers. Teaching is an amazing profession and one that can still be a career for life.  But in order to achieve this we need to counter the barrage of negativity facing the education sector and instead celebrate the experiences of our teachers so that the profession can once more become a career that young people are proud of.”

The Education Support appeal is designed to reach out to and raise funds to support NQTs such as Sarah[1] who started her first teaching job in 2013.  Having worked hard on her PGCE she wasn’t expecting an easy ride in her NQT year, but still she was surprised at how tough she found it “I felt I had a clear understanding of the school wanted me to work, but once I started I was told I was doing it all wrong. I have never given up on anything in my life but the constant self-doubt, high workload and criticism from school leadership made me so stressed that it started to affect my work and home life dramatically so eventually decided I would have to leave.”

She continues Fortunately before I did leave I spoke to the Education Support Partnership and they advised me that I could start my NQT year again in another school that might better suit me. So that is what I did. I finished my [second] NQT this summer and am now teaching in a school I love. But if it wasn’t for the support of the Education Support Partnership and the leadership at my new school, I might never have persevered. That’s why, for me, this new appeal has special meaning. Teaching is the job I always wanted and it’s a job I worked hard to achieve, and now after receiving the backing of my new school and the Education Support I can say without any hesitation that I am definitely #NotQuittingTeaching.”

The appeal will be the first ‘public outing’ of the Education Support Partnership, the new combined name for Teacher Support Network, Recourse & Worklife Support. The charity was first established in 1877 and has since grown to provide a wide range of emotional, financial and practical support to those working in schools, HE or FE.

Every single donation the Education Support Partnership receives goes to help at least one teacher or lecturer. @edsupport #NotQuittingTeaching

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[1] The name used for this case study has been changed for confidentiality purposes but the case study is a real example of a teacher who called and received help from the Education Support Partnership