Lucy Powell MP to join Young Fabians and UK charity Education Support Partnership panel debate ‘Solving the Education Crisis’ | Education Support Partnership

Lucy Powell MP to join Young Fabians and UK charity Education Support Partnership panel debate ‘Solving the Education Crisis’

17th May 2016

Fabian Society This coming Tuesday May 24th at 6.30pm in Committee Room 10 of the Palace of Westminster the Young Fabians, will host a unique event supported by UK charity Education Support Partnership and attended by Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Lucy Powell MP who will join a panel of renowned education experts seeking to develop new ideas to solve the current recruitment and retention crisis in the education sector.

The Young Fabians are hosting the event to help draw attention to the ongoing recruitment crisis and begin a conversation about how Labour could develop a strong alternative approach. As event supporters Education Support Partnership hope to source a better understanding of the cause, effect and symptomatic solutions to what is one of the most pressing issues facing the sector today.

An opening address will be provided by Julian Stanley, CEO of the Education Support Partnership, highlighting some of the preliminary insights from the charity’s consultation campaign launched earlier this year under the banner of #NotQuittingTeaching. This introduction will then be followed by a structured debate by an expert panel including;

  • Shadow Secretary of State for Education Lucy Powell MP
  • Professor John Howson, University of Oxford, who has studied the teacher jobs market for more than 20 years and is the UK's foremost authority on teacher recruitment.
  • Loic Menzies who is a former teacher and Director of education 'think-and-action tank' LKMco. He is the author of ‘Why Teach?’, a new research report released by LKMco and Pearson into why people choose to go into teaching and why they remain there.
  • Sean Isaac – Secretary of The Young Fabians Education Network

Speaking of the crisis in education Sean Isaac of the Young Fabians said “With rising pupil numbers and consecutive missed targets, it appears that this Government is failing to recruit enough teachers. Meanwhile, unsustainable workloads and constant policy changes are leading more and more teachers to leave the profession. There is a serious threat that in a few years England will have too few teachers to educate the next generation.” 

Speaking about the importance of understanding the ways in which organisations such his own can help those struggling in their work as a result of the crisis Julian Stanley, CEO of the Education Support Partnership stated “It’s clear that recruitment and retention continues to be a problem. Through this debate we anticipate some frank discussion of the reasons why as well as providing some thoughts and advice as to how we, and others in the sector, could help those working the profession to better manage the day to day experience of being at the chalk face.”

The event is free to attend and interested parties can register here. For those who are not able to attend but who would like to submit questions to the panel @EdSupportUK will be hosting a live Twitter chat on the night using the hashtag #NotQuittingTeaching as well as inviting submissions through that same # for questions in advance of the event.


Media can register to attend

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Notes to Editors

Education Support Partnership is a charity established nearly 140 years ago to offer support and guidance specifically for those working in the education sector, from lunch time supervisor to teacher, from FE college tutor to University Professor and everyone in between.

We provide support regarding the emotional health, wellbeing of education staff as well as professional and organisational development. This includes a 24/7 helpline, telephone counselling, money management, grants, peer to peer support groups, coaching, employee assistance programmes, training, information and signposting.

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The Young Fabians are the under-31 section of Britain's oldest political think tank, the Fabian Society. We are a voluntary body led by an elected executive committee.

The Young Fabians Education Network brings together teachers, students and young professionals working in education to discuss the big challenges facing British education. It aims to become a go-to place for those on the left who are interested in contributing to the debate. For more information about the member-led group – including what you can do to get involved – please contact its Membership Officer, Isaac Stanley on